Sex Offender Management Assessment and Planning Initiative (SOMAPI)

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

Recognizing the important role scientific evidence plays in the assessment and treatment of adults and adolescents who have sexually abused, the SMART Office developed the Sex Offender Management Assessment and Planning Initiative (SOMAPI).  This project is designed to assess the current state of research and practice in sex offender management and as a result, offers an excellent summary of what is known as well as key recommendations for professionals in this field.


Considering Family Reconnection and Reunification after Child Sexual Abuse: A Road Map for Advocates and Service Providers

Joan Tabachnik and Peter Pollard

This guide is written for sexual assault program advocates working with families who are considering reunification with someone who has sexually offended. It provides an overview of the reunification process and how to navigate the process of clarification, reconnection, and reunification.