MASOC membership is designed for all professionals and any individual committed to preventing sexual abuse through early intervention in the lives of sexually abusive children and youth. Please consider becoming a member at any level.

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Each year, MASOC hosts an annual conference of national quality with over 800 attendees, educates legislators and other professionals about appropriate interventions with teens and children, updates a well regarded credentialing process for professionals working with youth, and participates in key collaborative efforts across the state. In the coming year, we plan to:

  • Expand our website to help us communicate with our membership about critical and emerging issues.
  • Continue to grow our listing of providers who work with children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems.
  • Send out email alerts about emerging legislation, state-wide initiatives, and new research -- information helpful to anyone in this field.
  • Engage policy makers in a discussion that takes advantage of our national expertise and has the potential of making Massachusetts a national leader with its policies, procedures and practices with children and youth.

We have made a difference in Massachusetts, but we need your help. With your participation and our growing membership base, we have the ability to take a more proactive stance for the children and adolescents in our care. Please consider becoming a member of MASOC. Below is just a sample of the benefits offered by a MASOC membership.

What are the Member Benefits?

The cost of becoming a member is totally FREE. And if you are able, we welcome donations of any size to help us continue this important work. This is a short list of your member benefits:

  • Email alerts about current research and legislative changes
  • Easy access to MASOC's regional education and training series
  • Early registration to the annual MASOC/MATSA conference
  • Adding your voice to the growing dialogue to stop sexual abuse

We hope that a small investment on your part can help us all create a stronger constituency in Massachusetts. Please consider adding your support to building a stronger and more responsive organization.