About the MASOC Listserv

The MASOC Listserv is a free email group that we hope will provide an important connection for professional working with young people with problematic sexual behaviors.

We know that this work can sometimes be hard and isolating. We hope that this format will allow all of us to engage in conversations regarding general challenges and barriers faced by these youth and families, exchange ideas about current research and best practices, and share available resources for on-going education, training, and professional networking. Most important, we hope that the listserv will help to create a feeling of community among the many professionals doing this important work.

The forum is open to all professionals and everyone is welcome. However, we want to be clear that this is not a place for parents or families to receive online counseling services and support. In the event that a parent or other interested individual is seeking information about the location of a service provider, we would kindly refer them to our Directory of Providers, which can be viewed by clicking the following link: http://masoc.net/directory-of-providers.html.

MASOC is pleased to offer this vehicle for on-going dialogue. In providing this type of forum, MASOC agrees to maintain responsbility for ensuring that the listserv is functional free of charge. We also welcome your feedback and strongly encourage your participation, questions, thoughts, and favorite resources.

Most of all, we hope that many of you find it a useful (and fun) professional tool!


Joan Tabachnick

Executive Director


Click here to view the MASOC Listserv rules.