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MASOC is a coalition of therapists, public and the private sector administrators, probation personnel, attorneys and judges committed to preventing sexual abuse through early intervention in the lives of sexually abusive children and youth.

The Coalition is committed to developing specialized diagnostic and treatment services for these children and youth organized along a continuum of care from locked secure facilities to outpatient treatment centers. It is MASOC's belief that only through specialized intervention can we protect the community, prevent future incidents of abuse, and offer these children and youth the best opportunity to live abuse-free lives. MASOC believes that specialized assessments and treatment must be administered by professionals trained in sex abuse-specific evaluations and specialized treatment. MASOC supports credentialing and/or licensing of assessment/treatment professionals and specialized training for case managers, probation officers and other professionals. MASOC believes that: accountability, including criminal prosecution when appropriate is essential for successful management and treatment; risk assessments must be based on age appropriate research; and treatment services must both be tailored to meet the diagnosis of the child or adolescent and incorporate the most current abuse-specific research and best practices.

Since its founding in 1986, MASOC has been providing advocacy and training to professionals; influencing policy, educating legislators; and coordinating its efforts with both the criminal justice and survivor communities.

MASOC invites all professionals who work with sexually abusive children and youth to join with us in our efforts.

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